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Vins fins d'Alsace - France




les freres dietrichFormerly, in the agricultural and wine-growing villages, the mixed-farming was necessary so that the families for the majority large, can survive.

We cultivated fields, meadows, vineyeards, kitchen garden and fruit trees.

We raised pets and the livestock for the meat, eggs and milk ; horses or oxen for tillage.

Jacques, the youngest of brothers who was attracted by the culture of the vines, made it his principal profession in Wettolsheim.

1887 Original photograph of brothers DIETRICH

Martin, Jean-Michel, Jacques, Antoine et Xavier


Jacques DIETRICH & his sun AlbertAs was common at that time, Jacques Dietrich and his wife had many children. Helped by their daughters and sons, the vineyard and farm grew strongly.

Late 19th and early 20th century, The "Dietrich" cultivated the vineyards for grapes and wine, fields and meadows to feed the family, livestock, pets and carthorses they were very proud of especially their white stallions.

Crops at the beginning of last century were very small. The average yield of the vineyard was around 15 hectoliters per hectare. Nothing was lost in these times of scarcity, even the manure was used as natural fertilizer for the vines.

Jacques Dietrich and his youngest son Albert
in front of the wooden portal of the barn. 



Furthermore, horses not only allowed them to plow the land and to transport the crop, they allowed to get trees out of forests in the surrounding mountains. This work of unloading very hard which required a lot of attention, strength and perseverance helped them to finance land purchases in the strong development of the family winery.


 Xavier, the eldest son of Jacques Dietrich
mainly cultivated vines of the family with horses


albert et marieAfter Jacques Dietrich, each child creates his own vineyard and sold grapes or wine was fermented in the family business which was taken over by their younger brother Albert and his wife.

From the outset, they decided to sell their production in bottles by developing a regional clientele of "winstub", gourmet restaurants and sell their wines direct at the property.

The quality of wines and the business dynamics of Albert supported by his wife and his two eldest daughters have rapidly increase sales both regionally and nationally.

The birth of their son Robert has only amplified the desire to perpetuate the activity of production and marketing of Alsace wines.

 Albert and his sun Robert

As with the development of their activities, father's house in the center of the village became too cramped. They decided to construct a new cellar 33 route du Vin, address which was at that time at the southern entrance of Wettolsheim.This significant investment had not only been made to better serve customers but also to prepare the transfer of family business to Robert Dietrich.


Robert Dietrich tooks over his father's business in the 70s. The significant increase of the customer as restaurants, wine shops and individuals under his leadership, the winery was quickly too cramped again. robert dietrich

In 1982, to secure the development and the perenniality of the company, Robert Dietrich decided to move his family business at « RD83 Route du Vin », at the Northern entrance of Equisheim, He build here, a modern wine storehouses which made possible to increase the storage capacity and to produce « Crémants d’Alsace ».

At the same time, his participation at several international shows and the quality of DIETRICH wines mades it possible to develop sales in several countries (Nordic countries, Belgium, England, United States, Japan, …).


Caves DIETRICH & FilsSeven years later, to respect Alsatian architectural traditions, he built a half-timbered house. Trying to give a very pleasant welcome to his customers, to bring best quality and to attain perfection, he decided that this place will group administrative office and sales point.

At the same time, to satisfy quality's requirements more and more higher and to answer at the request of international customers, the wine storehouses of wine making and storage have been extend.

Year after year, our approach for optimum quality, asked us to constantly invest in new techniques of pressing, winemaking and packaging to guarantee our customers the best quality at the best price


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